It started with a dream to become a great player and continues with the journey to become a great coach. Each day I strive to better.

 Jeremy Reilly Limitless Golf Professional playing a pitch to the 2nd hole at Chartridge Park Golf Club

It all started 20 years ago when I decided I wanted to become a golf professional. At first my dream was to be the next Nick Faldo. But once qualified as a PGA Golf professional I fell in love with coaching. I studied every bit of knowledge I could find and worked with some of the top coaches, physical and mental trainers in golf.

It didn't take long to work out that I couldn't be a great coach without looking at the most important golf tools, the human body and mind. I wanted to know how the body worked first. I decided to train to become a fully qualified personal trainer. This allows my knowledge of the body to match my knowledge of the golf swing. I have since become a TPI Golf Fitness professional and have added further education in mental game to my armory.

In terms of what happens next, well I never stop learning, I love knowledge and don't go a single day without some form of study. Who knows what will inspire me tomorrow! 

Oh, and the dream to be a top golfer, that dream still goes on!

Jeremy Reilly

PGA Professional Class AAT

Further Qualifications include:

K-Vest level 2, TPI Golf Fitness Professional, TPI Level 2 Junior Coach, Flightscope Certified Instructor, SNAG Instructor, Level 3 Fitness Professional. 



Technology to help us get you playing your best golf

Launch Monitor 

Using radar means no more guessing whats happening with what your club and ball are doing on each shot. Plus some amazing skills challenges to make lessons and practice so much more effective.

 K-Vest golf improvement tool using 3D motion capture and bio-feedback logo.

3D Live Motion Capture

Motion capture allows us to know exactly what your body is doing. Combine this with video and we can find the exact path to you getting better. Plus K-Vest has live feedback during your swing to help you find the perfect swing to fit yoy.

 Edufii online coaching platform to aid coaches a pupils improve their sport logo.

Online coaching platform

Coaching doesn't stop at the end of the lesson. Edufii allows coaches to add notes, audio video and more to the players training space. You, the player can access this on all devices and access your coach 24/7. Video practices, ask questions and give your coach feedback. Get the greatest coaching you've ever experienced.