Know your distances

At least half of the people I see don't have an accurate idea of how far they hit the ball with their clubs. Most players seem to either overestimate how far they hit it or only know total distance rather than carry distance. If you want to be able to plan your way round the course then you need to know how far you carry the ball. Find out more by watching my short video. or book in here.
Don't forget you can use the studio to practice. A great way to know exactly how far you hit it.

Is your Stiff Neck stopping your swing short?

During our TPI screenings one of the most failed screens is the neck mobility screen. This indicates a lack of rotation in the cervical spine. If your neck is tight then you won't be able to swing back without moving your head. This will cost you consistency and power. Check out my video and learn how you can get yourself more mobile and ready to swing.

If you want to get your body ready for golf then the first step is booking in for a TPI screening. Email me for more details or book in here.