Forward Bend in the back Swing

I’ve previously talked about the pelvic bend in the swing. For this blog I want to talk torso. It’s obvious to everyone that the golfer is bent forward at address. This is a given. For an optimum we are looking at around 40’ of forward bend at address. This will vary depend on the athlete but as an average it’s a good marker. What people don’t realise is by how this bend with change during the swing. In order to stay centred and make a good rotation in the backswing a golfer will lose nearly all their forward bend. I feel for most people your forward bend should drop to between 0 and 10’ at the top of the swing. The forward bend is replaced by side bend (which has been mentioned in earlier videos but I’ll go over again soon). If you don’t allow your body to extend on the way back one of two things happen. For most people they won’t turn fully and will create very little power through rotation in the swing. A lot of people who slice the ball can suffer from this as the lack of turn can result in a swing path travelling left.  The second fault that can stem from lack of extension on the way back is moving the head too far off the ball (away from the target). This causes multiple problems, not least very poor ball striking.


Have a look at the video to find out a good way to think about your forward bend during the backswing.


Can you extend too much? Well if you’re a stack and tilt guy then the answer is probably not. But for most golf biomechanics and golf fitness professionals staying away from negative bend or reverse spine angle is the key. This can result in swing and body issues later on.


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