Pelvis Bend on the backswing.

I’ve talked about the pelvic bend at setup in a previous blog. In this article I’m discussing how the pelvis should behave on the backswing. Remembering pelvis bend is the forward and backward tilt of the pelvis. (Flexion and extension).


The Ideal

If we start with around 20’ of forward flexion at address then as we make our backswing that number should go down to around 15’ to allow us to rotate into and load our backswing correctly.

Too much bend

If we see the number go up on the backswing or start above 20’ and stay there then we are looking at dynamic S-posture. This is when we create an arch in our lower back as we go back. Creating too much bend will restrict how far we can turn, it will also cause our shoulders to move back on too flat a plane. Most importantly it is a very dangerous position for your back and repetitions of swings with this flaw will almost certainly result in back injury.

Losing the bend

Conversely if you lose too much bend on the way back this indicates that too much is happening with pelvis on the way back. For people with moderate to good flexibility this will usually cause an over-rotation and over swing. Inflexible people often get in this position to try and complete the backswing. The problem with completing the backswing this way is that you’ll lose stability and definitely lose your posture on the backswing.

The solution

Firstly make sure you get your posture correct at address. See the pelvic bend at address to get the lowdown on this. Once your setup is nailed down make sure you keep the abdominals engaged for the entirety of the backswing.

Obviously prior to doing this you need to make sure you have the mobility and stability in your body to be able to make the swing. If you don’t have the adequate range of motion then you may not be able to make a full backswing without some compromises. If you lack the stability you may not be able to feel the core engagement required.

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