Golf Strength testing

Photograph courtesy of Nike

Photograph courtesy of Nike

So in my previous blog I talked power testing. This testing is a follow on from the TPI Level 1 screen and will help to establish the golfers potential to generate power. I say potential as obviously it takes more than pure athletic ability to be able to hit the golf ball a long way. But as a way to determine potential it’s a fantastic tool.

The power test helps to establish areas of weakness that we can improve upon to realise more power in the golfer. Once we have identify the areas of weakness we need to then determine whether the lack of power is due to strength or speed. The easiest way to do this is to test for strength. We do this by testing single arm pushing and pulling strength over 8 reps and also additional tests for leg and grip strength. All of these tests are simple pass/fail tests that determine whether the golfer has enough strength to potentially be able to generate the power required in the power tests. A pass in these tests would indicate that we need to work on speed whereas a fail would indicate that we should be targeting strength first.

Remember that prior to all of this we have tested the players mobility and stability and will implement any required training on these areas before we talk about strength and speed. The problem with mobility and stability work is that it’s not sexy. Players would always prefer lifting heavy stuff or working on speed and agility before working on range of motion and stabilisation. But not only is it difficult to create power with either a lack of stability and/or mobility it is also difficult to transmit power to the golf ball with an efficient swing if you need to make compensations in your swing for a lack of mobility. The optimum way in which to get in shape for golf is:

1.       Mobility

2.       Stability

3.       Strength

4.       Speed

5.       Power


This doesn’t mean that you can’t work on areas concurrently it just means that the priority has to be on mobility first and then stability etc etc. This will give you the best results with the lowest risk of injury.

Alongside all of this we need to be looking at technique to ensure that the player is developing his technique to utilise all of the athletic tools in his arsenal.