A birdie chance doesn't have to be on the green

Golfer chipping a high chip shot from just off the green

A chance to chip the ball is a chance to hole the ball. If you're not thinking like that then you're not chipping well enough.

We make chipping simple at Limitless Golf

simple shot made easier

It's a straight forward shot made difficult by poor technique. We aim to make chipping easy for you.

Learn to chip it close every time at Limitless Golf in Buckinghamshire.

Visualise great shots

You have to see it to do it. We work on shot and club selection alongside mental techniques to give you the right mix of logic and imagination to get the ball in the hole.

Get over the chip yips with Limitless golf based in Chesham and Amersham.

Chipping Yipping

This is a tough one. To get this one right we may need to go unorthodox but whatever it takes we'll get you there.