Want to be the longest in your fourball?

Driving the golf ball longer with Limitless Golf based in Chesham and Amersham

There are many ways to bomb it further, we can help you.

Drive it better with Limitless Golf in Buckinghamshire

power up your swing

Did you know that just a simple setup change can sometimes add 30-40 yards to your drive! With K-Vest & GC2 we have the tools to find out exactly how to get every last yard out of your game.


Power up your body

Get stronger, faster and more flexible and you can get long! We are specialists in the golf-body connection.

Get fit for golf at Limitless Golf in Amersham
Get the right golf clubs at Limitless Golf Chesham

Power up your clubs

Play with the wrong clubs and you may as well be driving with the head-cover on. We'll get you on our GC2 and crank out the numbers. If we think you can do better we'll send you off to one of our preferred partner club-fitters.