Kids learning golf the right way

Junior girl at Limitless Golf putting in the hole

Whether it's learning a new sport, getting good enough to beat Dad or becoming a world beater, we can help. 

5 year old girl drives the golf ball

Golf newbies

Golf is an amazing game using both the body and the mind. It's a fantastic sport for kids, even those who don't think they're sporty. 

If kids start learning golf the right way they'll be set on the right path for life.


Out-golf Mum and Dad

Children love to be able to play with their family. Especially when they can give them a game. We provide the tools to move forward from just playing to competing. 

Family of four enjoying their golf
Teenage golfer holing a putt

be a champion

We've had experience working with Juniors who have gone on to represent their country. Several of our Juniors have progressed to become Professionals, achieved scholarships at US Colleges and pursued other careers in golf. If your child wants to be great we can help.


£26 for 30 Minutes, £50 for an Hour Lesson