Pitching makes birdies

Pitch the ball stone dead with Limitless Golf based in Amersham and Chesham

8 feet. That's the magic number. Hit it inside that and you've got a hugely increased chance of holing the putt. 

Pitching over the bunker should be effortless. Limitless golf will help you make it that way.

Great technique equals great results

Pitching well is one of the most difficult skills to master. We will get your technique to where you can create the shots you want.

Practice your pitching effectively with Flightscope at Limitless Golf in Buckinghamshire

Know your distances

How far do you hit your wedges? What about 3/4 swing, 1/2 swings? Using GC2 we can create a distance chart to make pitching more than just guesswork

Pitch it to the holes edge with Limitless golf in Chesham

Shot Selection

Club and shot choice are crucial for short game. We'll get you out on the course and find out if you're making the right decisions.

Use the bounce of your wedge. Learn how at Limitless golf

Which Wedge wins?

If you're just using wedges as part of your set then you're probably not best equipped. We can help you choose a club that will work for your game and the course you play regularly.