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Hole more putts with Limitless golf based in Chesham and Amersham

Getting the ball in the hole, pretty important? Obviously!

Make every putt feel a tap in with Limitless Golf in Buckinghamshire

Hole out 

Refine your stroke using great training aids and high speed video. We'll find a method that gets you holing putts for fun.

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read it and sweep up

Got a great stroke but don't know which way to hit the putt? We're experts at finding your best way to read putts.

Hole more putts with Limitless Golf Chesham

Yippee or yipping

If you're suffering from the dreaded yips you need more than just a technical tune up. Using mental techniques and some fundamental changes we'll work to rid you of the putting disease.

Find the right putter to help you hole more putts

Find the magic stick

Maybe it's not you, maybe it's the tools. Yes sometimes it's okay to blame the club, we'll see if we think your wand is magic or not.