TPI Screening and Golf Fitness Programmes

Initial Assessment

  • Goals

  • Injuries/Conditions

  • Current Golf Standard

  • Golf strengths and weaknesses

  • Any known golf swing tendencies

We then perform a K-Vest assessment in which we create a swing summary and new for 2019 use the K-Coach Evaluation tool to assess where you currently are at with your game.

Alongside this we take some club data using GC2+HMT to understand current tendencies in the club speed, pace and face angle.

All of this of course is accompanied by video.

Please remember that this is a golf fitness assessment and therefore no golf swing coaching will be administered, we leave that to your current coach if you have one or can organise a swing coaching session to look at the technical side of your game.


Physical Screening

Once we had that large amount of data on board what we then can do is perform a full TPI level 1 & 2 Screening. The level 1 giving us the full understanding of your current level of:

  • Mobility & Flexibility

  • Stability

  • Balance

  • Core Control

In the level 2 screen we are looking at measuring strength and power of:

  • Upper Body

  • Lower Body

  • Core


Training Programme

Following your screening we will then take 5-7 days to build your initial session programme. Generally this will be a recurring mobility/stability session that you will go ahead with and work on 5 to 7 days a week to get you in the most mobile and stable position you can be to make good golf shots.

If you require a second session to give you an initial programme to work on power and strength this can also be provided. We have a few options available depending on your requirements:

Training Options

Initial 1 Hour TPI Screening and assessment plus 1 Hour follow up training session: £100

Initial 1 Hour TPI Screening and assessment plus 2 x 1 Hour follow up training sessions: £140

Initial 1 Hour TPI Screening and assessment plus 10 x 1 training sessions : £460

Monthly training options following initial sessions

1 x Per week £180pcm

2 x Per Week £336pcm

3 x Per Week £480pcm

All monthly options and 10 x sessions include full online programming for home/gym workouts.